Adobe Photoshop: Oct 2021 - Dec 2021

Blacklisted is a clothing company that is testing new variations of privacy meant to exist in a surveillance future. Our clothing is meant to disrupt and confuse facial recognition and facial detection which are improving rapidly fast. This technology is also in the hands of some governments which are being tested in their societies.

Our target audience is generally people in urban cities that are interested in fashion and rely on technology. Technology isn’t going anywhere and is only going up from here so why not mess around and play against the cameras?

1. Falseface
By hiding your true face, you can quickly swap on the mask in public with a generated Ai portrait.

2. Hyperface
A pattern of generated Ai portraits is meant to overstimulate Facial Detection Software by detecting multiple faces on you.

3. Integrated LED Interference (I.L.I)
Meant to disrupt Infrared Sensitive Cameras. The wavelength of infrared isn’t visible to the human eye which results in the camera picking up a strong burst of light.

︎Concept Development
︎Branding + Identity System
︎Facial Recognition Research

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